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One Day Event

Planning an event can be both exciting and a big undertaking. The goal is to set everything up perfectly and provide a great time to all of those attending. However, sometimes accidents happen. Whether property is damaged during the festivities or someone is unintentionally hurt, those damages can ultimately fall upon the organizer.


Event planning can also be expensive. What happens when the weather doesn't cooperate and you just dumped a bunch of money into setting up your event? You went through the work to schedule and pay the caterers, photographers, and a DJ. An event policy can cover the costs for set up/take down and fees associated with having to deal with rescheduling fees.

One Day Event insurance works just like it sounds. You purchase coverage for the type of event that is being hosted for a specific date or consecutive days. It can cover a wide range of events from a wedding, car show, local gathering, or a festival.

Listed below are some of the common coverages and examples of how they would come into play on an event policy.

Liability - Many events are hosted on a town's fair grounds or at a non-owned location. In both cases you will most likely be required to carry liability insurance. If your guests cause damage to the rented location or if someone slips and falls on the premises the owners or a town does not want to be responsible for that liability. This is where the event policy would respond. If you are attempting to get a quote on an event policy, it is important to see what the liability requirements are for a town or a specific venue.

Liquor Liability - Liquor Liability is separate from the traditional liability found on an event insurance policy. Liquor liability can be purchased separately on the policy if alcohol is being served during the event. If alcohol is being served at an event, a claim that is seen often is that an intoxicated person goes to drive home and they cause a serious accident. In some instances the stupidity of that person might come back to the event planner as being partially responsible for serving the drinks!

Additional Insured - The vendor or owner of the premises may want to see their name listed as an additional insured on your event policy. Some carriers automatically include additional insureds into their pricing whereas some charge a small fee to add them.

Cancellation Coverage - Hiring professionals and vendors for your event is not only expensive but in a lot of cases, non-refundable. If an unfortunate event like bad weather or the honoree of the event can't make the party it might have to be called off or postponed. The unforeseen expenses this can cause could be picked up by your event policy.

Time Frame - It is important to let the carrier know what the itinerary of your event is. The amount of days the event is being held and if the event is being held past midnight are common questions the carrier will want to know. If certain time frames are needed for your event, they can usually be arranged and sometimes at an additional cost.

If you are looking for a quote feel free to give us a call. We have extremely quick turnaround times on One Day Event insurance!

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