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Image by Alyssa Graham

Pet Insurance

We all love our pets. They bring us happiness and serve as our number one companions. However, keeping our pets happy and healthy can be costly. Vet bills make up a large portion of the expenses associated with owning a dog or a cat.

This is where pet insurance can  help be a great benefit. Essentially acting as a miniature health plan, pet insurance reimburses you for veterinary bills resulting from accidents or illness. 

We offer pet insurance through Hartville.

Hartville offers three different plans as follows: 

Complete Coverage - includes accident, illness, hereditary conditions, disease, and behavior Issues

Preventative Care - this is an add on to the complete coverage package and reimburses for common checkups including screenings, teeth cleaning, vaccines, etc. 

Accident Only - if you are only concerned about coverage if your animal is hurt you can choose a more basic plan. So for example, if your pupper eats something funny and needs to go to the vet the policy would reimburse you.

For more information including sample policies for each plan, click here: Sample Pet Insurance Plans

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