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Recreational Vehicle

RV's And Campers


Recreational Vehicles - Whether you like to travel to your favorite campsite for the weekend or take a week long drive across the country, we have access to popular carriers such as Progressive & Foremost to cover you. We can cover Class A, B, and C motor homes as well as cargo trailers.

In many ways your RV insurance is similar to a normal private passenger auto. Your primary coverages such as liability and physical damage to your own rig apply, but there are also some additional coverages you can purchase.


  • Vacation Liability - If someone else is injured around or on your RV during a trip, you can purchase liability up to $500,000 in coverage.

  • Personal Effects Coverage - if you bring trip specific items or your everyday personal belongings on adventures, you can purchase coverage to protect them from damage or loss.

  • Custom Parts & Equipment - Covers upgrades you have made to your rig such as adding solar power, navigational equipment, or aftermarket items.

  • Total loss coverage - Depending on the age, you have the ability to purchase an agreed value on your RV so in the event of a total loss, the carrier will offer you what it would cost to purchase the same, newer model of the vehicle.



If you need to insure your motorcycle, we have a number of carriers to quote you through such as Progressive, Foremost, Safeco, and American Modern.

Motorcycle coverage is something that gets overlooked a lot. In many cases individuals have great coverage on their automobile, but what about your bike? You can hit someone in a bike accident and be liable the same way you can in a vehicle. And what about your uninsured & underinsured motorist? Have you ever considered adding conversion or doubling these coverages on your bike policy? This could be where it is the most important.

As an example: Say your own policy only has $100,000 of UM/UIM coverage. If someone else hits you and leaves you with $200,000 of med bills, they may only have $100,000 of coverage for liability per person. So the other party's carrier is going to pay $100,000 towards your medical bills, and then what? The amount the other company pays you will get subtracted from what you can collect on your own policy with standard UM/UIM! This is why conversion can prove beneficial. If you had conversion in the same situation, you could collect $100,000 from the other person's carrier and then collect the full $100,000 from your own policy. In this case, you would not fall short on your damages.

You can also add your bike policy to your umbrella the same way you can add property and regular private passenger vehicles.

Many of the same coverages you can purchase on an RV policy can be purchased on a bike policy as well. You can add custom parts coverage, total loss coverage, personal effects, trip interruption, and roadside assistance.

Let us quote your bike policy and see how we can save you money and increase your coverage!


All Terrain & Snowmobile

Insure your four wheeler or snowmobile against physical damage and liability. Similar to a traditional RV policy, you can purchase Total Loss Coverage, Personal Effects, and Custom Parts & Equipment.

We can insure a range of four wheelers and snowmobiles from Honda, Ski-Doo(BRP), Can-Am, Kawasaki, and Yamaha.

These policies typically only cost $100 on average with maximum coverages.

Slingshot / Segways / Golf Carts

We insure them too! Progressive is one of the leading carriers for Slingshot vehicles, Trikes, Low speed vehicles, and scooters. If you need help quoting any of your toys, let Summit help!

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